Investing in a home extension, loft conversion, or complete new build for the first time can be quite a daunting prospect. That’s where I come in. I have a wealth of experience of projects large and small, and I will happily help you navigate your way successfully through the maze of Planning Permission and Building Regulations that any major home improvements involve. I always try to strip away the jargon and technical speak, and I explain things in ways that make sense.

Good things come in small packages

Although I have worked in several countries for some very large architectural firms, I’ve chosen to establish my own small scale practice here in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. This allows me to do what I enjoy most,  which is to work directly with my clients helping them to turn their ideas into pleasant new living spaces and homes. I’ve made the conscious decision to keep my practice small because it keeps my overheads low. This means you get all the experience and expertise I’ve gained from over 24 years in the profession, but at a cost that is really affordable.

Getting started

The first step is usually to meet you to get an understanding of your project, your initial thoughts, timescales and budget, along with a feel for how much paperwork you’re willing to do yourself (if any).  I’ll then put together a full quote, showing you exactly what’s included and what’s not included, tailored to you and your project. If you need to add or subtract anything as we go along, you just need to let me know, and if I can help I will.

Throughout your project, I’m only ever a phone call away. If you need advice, something which my clients tell me feels invaluable, (sometimes it’s just a bit of clarification or reassurance you’ll need, but it can make all the difference), I am only that phone call away.

My fees

The fees vary from project to project, but we can give fixed fees for small scale projects such as a house extension or a loft conversion starting from £800.

Give me a call on 07913999172